Why did I become a coach?

I first learned of the possibility of becoming a coach when I had reached a major crossroads in my life about a year and a half ago. Up until that point, all of my career choices were basically laid out for me – I studied accounting, so I got a job at a public accounting firm, then I joined the family insurance agency and took over operations. It all made sense, given my background and skill set. 

Fast forward five years, when we have sold the agency, I’m selling my house, AND moving across the country from Houston to Los Angeles. Overwhelmed by change, I was basically at square one, and had no idea what my next step should be. I spent months and months researching, applying to random jobs (that I didn’t really want), trying new side projects, and effectively being stuck in analysis paralysis. After a year of this, I finally decided that I needed help – and that is when I hired a career coach. 

Working with my coach: a turning point

After just one session with her, I felt my entire world begin to shift. She listened to me so intently and asked the right probing questions to get me to observe my situation in a different light. This is what coaching is – it’s not someone telling you what they think you should do, but rather, it’s asking you questions to get you to come to those realizations yourself. As coaches, we believe that the client already has the power and resources to accomplish what they say they want – they just need some guidance on how to find it within themselves.

This experience is part of the reason why I decided to become a coach – so that I can help others avoid the frustration and loneliness that I felt for so long before seeking help. In all of the roles I’ve held, there is nothing that has brought me more joy than helping people realize their full potential, and it’s why I’m dedicating myself to this for the rest of my career. 

If you’ve felt like this, in any type of situation, or know someone who has, I’m more than happy to chat and see how we can partner together. Click the link below to contact me or send me an email at [email protected].