A complete guide for navigating generational differences

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the workforce is more diverse than ever, especially in terms of age. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, each generation brings unique perspectives, values, and expectations to the workplace. While these generational differences can sometimes lead to challenges, they also present a wealth of opportunities for businesses willing to embrace… Read More

A better way to conduct a performance review

In our ever-evolving and increasingly hybrid world of work, the approach to a performance review is undergoing a significant transformation. Gone are the days when evaluations were solely results-oriented, focusing narrowly on the outcomes without considering the broader spectrum of an employee’s contributions. Taking a more holistic approach is far more effective, as it emphasizes… Read More

How to start setting boundaries without feeling “bad”

As the world of work evolves, and the line between personal and work hours continues to blur, the concept of setting boundaries probably feels completely elusive, especially for business owners and managers. You want to make yourself available to your team (especially if they’re hybrid or remote) and appease your clients, but all this does… Read More

Prepared to delegate? Here are 5 steps to take beforehand

As a business owner and leader, you know how important delegating is to growing your business and team, but letting go of some of these responsibilities may feel daunting. You may be at the point where you’re prepared to delegate, but without a clear plan in place, you may end up feeling even more overwhelmed… Read More

Why you can’t motivate your employees

Figuring out how to engage and motivate your employees is arguably the most challenging aspect of being a business owner and manager. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they’re just “lazy,” but you’ve likely taught them to be lazy by withholding the one thing that actually drives motivation: ownership. Prior to… Read More

How to automate your business processes – 5 questions to consider

A.I. is on the rise, and for many small business owners (myself included), this feels either incredibly exciting or completely overwhelming. We are in an era of transformation in how business is done, and if we don’t pivot and streamline our business processes to keep up, it will make the ultimate difference in whether we… Read More

“I need to hire!” 5 questions to consider before you take the leap

Deciding when and who you need to hire is arguably the most challenging part of being a small business owner. Your team must grow with your business, but sometimes, more team members isn’t the better or even the most effective option. When I first took over operations at my family’s insurance agency, things were so… Read More