Delegation: How to “let go” by facing your fear of vulnerability

If you’re a high achiever (and make it a large part of your identity), you’ve likely struggled with asking for help and delegating work to others. You tell yourself that the reason you hesitate to “let go” is because you don’t want it to reflect poorly on you, your team, and your company. This may… Read More

Overachievers: You likely fear responsibility, not failure

Welcome, fellow recovering overachiever. If you’re embarking on a life, business, or career change, and you’re holding yourself back from starting because you think it’ll be a “failure” – I have news for you: you don’t have a fear of failure – you have a fear of responsibility. If you’ve always identified as the “reliable… Read More

How to overcome resistance and embrace change

Two years ago, I upended my entire life and career by selling my house and business, and moving from Houston to Los Angeles. I knew I was ready for a change, but I wasn’t prepared for the resistance I would face in committing to it. Up until this point, I had always played a supporting… Read More

How to reclaim and reassess your identity

My personal struggle with identity Coming from an immigrant household, I was never asked about “what I wanted to be when I grew up” or what my “dream job” was. My parents raised me with the mentality that the best way to “make it” in America was to get good grades, go to college, and… Read More

How to overcome the fear of asking

My fear of asking is rooted primarily in my upbringing as a first-generation American. The message that I received about success was that if I just put my head down and worked really hard, I would get what I wanted. My parents have told me countless stories about how they didn’t receive help from anyone… Read More

A better way to set new year’s resolutions

It’s the dawn of a new year, and like many others, I’m thinking about what I want to achieve in 2023. As someone who is obsessed with lists, I love making new year’s resolutions, but I have never once been able to cross off every goal I put down. That’s why I’m changing things up… Read More

My top three work from home tips

When WFH (work from home) became the new normal, it felt like a godsend for an introvert like me. It allowed me to do my best work, on my own schedule, without the distractions of a traditional office. Over time though, this newfound flexibility turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. Here… Read More

My top three regrets from my career break

After I sold our family business, I was fortunate enough to have the time and resources to take a career break, or sabbatical. I absolutely needed it after grinding it out every day for five years while running the business, but, I made the mistake of going into it without a proper game plan and… Read More

How my coach got me out of analysis paralysis

Let me begin by sharing how a perfect storm of changes led me to analysis paralysis in the first place. Over the last year and a half, I’ve had a few significant life events – I sold our family business, sold my house in Houston, moved to Los Angeles, got engaged, started a new business,… Read More

How is coaching different from therapy or consulting?

The lines between coaching, consulting, therapy (and other professional services) get blurred often because they all focus on providing guidance to the client, just in different ways. The distinctions between these services center around a few things: what the client’s objective is, if that objective is focused on the past or the future, and how… Read More