Business Essentials Assessment

coach performing a business assessment

The Business Essentials Assessment is a comprehensive operational audit & action plan that helps business owners and leaders like you identify gaps and gain clarity on where to focus your efforts & resources so you can stop feeling stuck and start moving forward.

Are you ready to initiate change in your business, but you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to begin?
Get the clarity, focus, and strategy you need in a Business Essentials Assessment that is specifically tailored to your business.
You’ve reached a point where you know something has to shift or you won’t be able to grow, but even the thought of having to initiate change can be totally overwhelming.

You probably feel…

Paralyzed to even start because there are things that you need to address that you haven’t even thought about

Demotivated because of how much time and resources it will take to implement change, not to mention the pushback you’ll receive from your team

Afraid to take action and possibly fail because the responsibility of the business’ success is on your shoulders

But what if you could…

  • Have an action plan that covered all of the gaps in your business and set you up for long-term success
  • Feel energized to enact change because you have a highly focused and streamlined strategy
  • Have confidence and pride in yourself because you’re able to build a foundation that is sustainable and that guarantees your business’ growth
This is exactly what a Business Essentials Assessment does – it highlights and organizes the top priorities in your business so you don’t have to, giving you the focus and energy to initiate lasting change for your business.

How does the assessment work?

I’ve gathered the steps I personally took to operationalize my own business and developed an in-depth and highly focused audit and action plan that is designed to address your business’ unique challenges.

Together, we will work through each of the following 3 key steps so that you walk away with an organized, clear, and focused strategy to initiate change in your business:

Step 1: Examine

  • We will perform an audit of the current processes within your business’ operations to identify weak points and deficiencies.

Step 2: Strategize

  • I will take the data gathered from the audit and develop a customized recommendation and action plan that outlines how to address your business’ challenges effectively and efficiently.

Step 3: Review

  • Together, we will work through the action plan thoroughly and ensure that you walk away with a clear understanding of how to begin implementing sustainable change in your business.

What does the assessment include?

    I will review a short preparatory survey that you will complete so I have context on where your business is at and can hone in on what we need to focus on during the assessment.
    In these two sessions, I will walk you through a series of questions within every vertical in your business (Financial, Sales & Retention, Human Resources, and Management & Operations). We will leave no process unexamined to ensure we find every possible gap or weakness in your business.
    I will provide a clear, organized, and comprehensive action plan that outlines the recommended steps to take in order to address the challenges we identified in your business.
    In this session, I will present my recommendation and action plan and will go through each step to ensure I answer your questions and leave you with the confidence and determination to initiate lasting change in your business.

    To review pricing and details, click below to receive your summarized assessment guide:

Ready to get started?

Here are the next steps:

  1. Click the button below and complete an application form so I can send you the survey, invoice, and scheduling link.
  2. Choose the date/time that works best for you, remit the invoice payment, and complete the preparatory survey. 
  3. Attend our Assessment session(s), where we’ll work through the operations audit together for every aspect of your business.
  4. Attend our Review session, where I will summarize the recommendation and action plan and answer any remaining questions you have. 
  5. Following the meeting, I will send you links to our recorded sessions as well as the recommendation and action plan for you to reference as you begin to initiate change in your business.

Hi, I’m Anais Babajanian

Business & Leadership Coach for service-based small business owners and leaders who are ready to go from survive to THRIVE

I was exactly where you are now when I took over operations at my family’s small business 7 years ago. My business partner (my mom) had built up her insurance agency over 15 years by focusing almost exclusively on sales. So naturally, when I initiated the operational changes we needed, I experienced significant pushback from her and our team.

I didn’t understand it then (which caused me to expend a lot of time and energy fighting back). Looking back now, I realize that I had missed a crucial step – creating a plan that everyone was onboard with.
This is why I created this assessment – to help business owners like you identify and prioritize your business’ top objectives so you can develop a foundation seamlessly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much information do I need to share during the assessment?

I will never force you to divulge information that you’re not comfortable sharing, but the effectiveness of this process depends entirely on how transparent you are with me during the audit. My goal is to bring you full clarity about your business’ operation, and in order to do that, I will need access to any and all pertinent information.

What kind of paperwork or documentation do I need to provide during the assessment?

Most of this audit is performed in an interview format, which means I will be making my observations and recommendations based on the information you give me verbally. However, since I am auditing your business’ operations, I may ask for documentation related to your financials, sales & retention systems and reports, policy manuals, and administrative processes.

What aspects of my business does the assessment cover?

This is a comprehensive audit that encompasses every operational vertical in your business. There are four main areas we address: Financial, Sales & Retention, Human Resources, and Managerial/Administrative.

Who is a Business Essentials Assessment for?

This assessment is designed for service-based business owners who are ready and willing to make changes in their business but just need guidance on what to prioritize so they can get organized and take action in an efficient and effective way.