Hiring 101 Webinar

The hiring process can feel daunting for business owners, especially in today’s economy. There are so many factors to consider – where to search for candidates, how to interview them, what criteria to look for, how to onboard them, how to classify them, etc.

The truth is, it’s going to look very different for each business owner, depending on how far along you are in your business, what your needs are, the resources you have available to pay and train new hires, your risk appetite, and so on.

This presentation will provide you with the knowledge and fundamental principles of hiring so you can make personnel decisions with confidence and ease. 

The key points within this webinar include:

  • The How:
    • What to include in a job description and application
    • How to conduct a proper interview and background check
    • Where and how to search for potential candidates
    • How to classify new hires (W2 vs. 1099)
  • The When:
    • How to determine when you’re at the “breaking point” in your business where it’s unprofitable to NOT hire someone
    • Understanding when it’s time for you as the business owner to “level up” and start delegating tasks 
  • The Why:
    • How to clarify the need that a potential hire is going to fulfill 
    • How to conduct a cost/benefit analysis of hiring someone for a particular role
    • Understanding your risk appetite for hiring potential candidates
  • Resources
    • Websites, tools, and reference materials to help guide you in the hiring process

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