The Ultimate Business Operations Checklist

business operations checklist

Your business’ operations are the bedrock of your company’s success, but it can feel almost impossible to keep things running smoothly when you’re already stretched thin as a business owner.

You should be able to rely on your business; not the other way around, and the way to achieve this is to first take a fresh look at how your business is currently running.

This checklist is designed to help you identify the gaps in your operations so you can build the foundation your business needs to go from surviving to thriving.

It’s broken down into 4 main verticals that serve to:

  • Enhance your financial controls & reporting procedures
  • Identify gaps within your sales & retention processes
  • Improve your employee hiring, onboarding, training, & professional development program
  • Fine-tune your leadership style and establish clear expectations with your team and business partner(s)

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