Clarity Call Coaching Session

Anais Babajanian coaches in a coaching session

A 90-minute, 1:1 coaching session where I help you refocus and clarify your goals so you can pivot with ease and continue growing your business.

You’ve hit a roadblock in your business and you’re tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do next to move forward.

What you need is a quick, but firm reset so you shift gears and regain momentum in growing your business.

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You’ve been diligently working on improving your business but have now reached a dead end with an empty battery. You know you have to keep going, but you feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward.

What if you could get a fresh start and feel a renewed sense of determination and focus to take your business to the next level?

A Clarity Call will give you just that – with the support of a business coach, you will walk away with a clear action plan and the confidence and energy to execute it.

How does the Clarity Call coaching session work?

In this 90 minute virtual coaching session, I will work with you to identify what is keeping you stuck and formulate an actionable plan that will allow you to pivot quickly and get back on track towards reaching your business goals.

Here is all that’s included:
    I will review a short form that you’ll complete beforehand so we can quickly identify and address your blockers.
    In this coaching session, we will hone in on what is holding you back and ensure you walk away with the clarity and focus you need to pivot and move forward in your business.
    You’ll have access to this recording indefinitely, so you can use it as a resource when you feel stuck again.
    I’ll provide a summary of our coaching session that will outline your next steps to regain momentum and move forward.

Fee: $295

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Here are the next steps:

  1. Click the button below to complete an application form and schedule your Clarity Call.
  2. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive an agreement and invoice to complete and remit before our session.
  3. Attend our coaching session, where we’ll identify your blockers and determine next steps for you to pivot and move forward.
  4. Following the meeting, I will send you the link to our recorded coaching session as well as the summarized action plan for you to reference as you start to make the necessary pivot in your business.
Anais Babajanian coaches in a coaching session

Hi, I’m Anais Babajanian

Business & Leadership Coach for service-based small business owners and leaders who are ready to go from survive to THRIVE

As a former financial auditor and small business owner, I know firsthand how disheartening it feels when your carefully laid-out action plan gets thrown a major curveball.

When I was running my family’s agency, it felt as though every time I inched forward a few steps, I had to take just as many back.

At the time, the only person I could rely on for support was myself – this isolation caused me to waste precious time and resources trying to “figure out” my next move or pivot. Though I always managed to do so, I know I could have done more if I just had someone to talk to.
This is why I offer a Clarity Call – a 1:1 coaching session to help business owners like you readjust quickly and effectively so you can propel your business to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls do I need to book?

This will depend on how much support you need and what all we cover within the 90 minute session. Most clients get the ball rolling after one session, but you can book additional sessions in the future if needed.

What kinds of business topics do you cover in a Clarity Call?

The topic(s) we explore will depend on what needs to be addressed within your business for you to move forward. Usually, these range from:

  • Developing and enforcing policies and procedures
  • Implementing frameworks and processes for each sales or service vertical
  • Creating a hiring, training, and professional development plan for all employees
  • Cultivating a transparent, unified, and respectful team culture
  • Setting and enforcing realistic expectations between staff and partners
  • Prioritization and delegation of tasks
  • Delineating roles and responsibilities based on each partner or team members’ skill set and capabilities. 
  • Identifying what internal mindset shifts you need to make to evolve into the leader your business needs to thrive.
Who is a Clarity Call for?

A Clarity Call will be most helpful to service-based business owners who are already working towards their business goals, but they have reached an impasse and need help refocusing their efforts and making the necessary pivot to continue moving forward in growing their business.